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Origin is a complete supply chain management platform that has been designed to work with any system, across a range of industries.

Origin's ability to integrate and centralise all available supply chain data into a ‘single source of truth’ is the true difference maker enabling our customers to gain visibility and orchestration of their operations.

Visibility for you, your customers and suppliers

Bring together siloed data across your supply chain to create a coherent view that you, your customers, and suppliers can understand and collaborate on.

  • Track goods in real-time to give customers confidence the right products have arrived at the right place, in time, in the right condition.
  • Identify and respond to disruptions and act on them before they become bigger issues.
  • Forecast demand with greater accuracy.

Streamline processes chain-wide

When you have information from across your entire supply chain at your fingertips, you can tweak processes for maximum efficiency.

  • Eliminate supply chain blind spots through open integration with supply chain participants.
  • Analyse performance to identify bottlenecks in existing processes and uncover new opportunities.
  • Hold every supply chain participant to account by benchmarking their performance against contracted service levels.

Win new contracts and adapt to emerging customer needs

Respond to new supply chain expectations quickly as they arise:

  • Spin up new, fully customised and integrated capability fast using dynamic supply chain frameworks.
  • Adapt to emerging customer requirements without overhauling your existing systems.
  • Move quickly from demonstrating supply chain capability to executing with new clients and contracts.

Extend existing systems without disruption

Improve your ecosystem’s capabilities without disrupting or replacing your systems.

  • Leverage your existing systems that are doing the job well and fill the gaps where they are not.
  • Fast implementation without disrupting your existing operating systems because Origin is deployed as a separate system.
  • Easily plug in new systems and tools, like analytics, because all your data is available, formatted and waiting.

"The key is knowing where to start and using all available data to get the right system upfront for your business."

- Alan Dowsett, Head of Origin, Origin

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