Access all your supply chain data in one place

A customer visibility portal is an effective way to deliver self-service visibility and order management tools to customers and partners to improve their overall experience.

Leveraging the real-time visibility data from the Origin platform, customers gain access to real-time order tracking, dynamic ETAs, KPI monitoring, order management and more.

Boost customer experience

Provide self-serivce visibility, order management and reporting to your customers so they can track their goods and performance.

Reduce administrative workloads

Reducing internal workloads and empower your customer service team with everything they need at their fingertips.

Optimise your operations

Uncover opportunities to optimse your own operations by deep diving into the richly-contextualised data.

Origin's Tailored Approach to Supply Chain Software


Integrate internal and external systems to provide real-time visibility of data through the user interface.

  • Hundreds of pre-existing integrations for cost-effective implementation
  • Fully Managed Service incl setup, hosting, monitoring & support
  • Flexible solutions tailored by a team of integration experts

The Origin Supply Chain Engine allows the portal to receive all forms of customer demand and using the Contract Management module, create orders and jobs based on the operation or client contract configured.

  • Minimise Customer Service requests by giving your customers real time visibility of all their orders and data
  • Any queries or amendments can be raised directly against the transaction they relate to, saving time, and providing customer service reps with all the info they need to resolve the issue

No integration? No problem. Origin enables customer to log in and raise order and CRM requests, rather than having to email or ring someone is essential. 

Empower your customers to run reports on their own data 

  • Set up automated report schedules to send regular reports to your customers
  • Built in pivot framework allows users to change data returned and layout and save for future use
  • Standard Milestone and Event Tracking on all Orders and Jobs
  • Built in KPIs into Order and Job Dashboards

Let your customer get on with their businesses. Manage by exception and notify them of key developments when needed by email and SMS.

  • SSO Authentication
  • User Management
  • Permission and Relationship management
  • Customer Self Service User Management

  • Display invoices pulled from your finance or operational systems to customers
  • Or use Origin’s Rating function to produce more accurate invoices based on aggregated data 

Connect anything. See everything.


Bring together data from any system or partner into a single view of you and your customers.

Origin Visibility Portal Diagram
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