The Origin Engine

Track products

Know the right products will arrive at the right place and time, and in the right condition.

Measure performance

Hold suppliers to account by benchmarking performance against contracted levels

Improve efficiency

Analyse performance to identify opportunities for improvements.

Integration ready

Eliminate supply chain blind spots through open integration with supply chain participants.

"Where is your source of truth for your supply chain data? More often than not, the answer is that it doesn’t exist."

- Alan Dowsett, Head of Origin, Origin

Origin’s engine delivers dynamic supply chain workflows that are configured to match any business requirements. 

Access to business process workflows that manage orders, jobs, stock control and logistical movements means you can assign jobs and monitor status.

The Origin engine is integration-ready out of the box. It’s specifically designed to work with other systems. So no matter what you want to connect -- ERP, CRM, your current TMS -- it’ll handle it all. 

Learn more about Crossfire (our fully managed integration platform & service).

Origin centres supply chain operations around your business contracts and finances, meaning you can eliminate reconciliations and revenue leakage by ensuring operational activity and jobs comply with the contract terms.

Because it's deployed separately to your other systems such as ERP or TMS, implementation doesn't disrupt day to day business. No one has to replace what they are already doing and you get results quickly. 

With inbuilt master data management (MDM), your data is securely stored, formatted and managed in a way that’s simple to connect to any system -- new or old.  

Some updates might affect all parties in a supply chain, others just the two parties directly involved in a movement. That’s why we make sure only authorised parties have access to the right information at the right time.

Origin’s engine is built on infrastructure specially designed for supply chains. It takes care of your platform, security, administration, hosting, identity system, compliance, and more. 

As an ISO 27001 certified organisation with over 30 years of infrastructure and database administration experience, you can be sure your systems and data are safe.  

Read more about our security.

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