In the ever-evolving and hyper-competitive world of logistics, how do you create a point of difference? By leveraging every aspect of your business as an opportunity to stand out. 

That’s the mission of Booth’s Logistics. From their impressive Gateway Program, to their ongoing commitment to innovation and technology, Booth’s have proven to be an industry leader by constantly keeping their foot on the pedal. “Our ‘Can Do, Will Do’ attitude is the driving force behind our commitment to continuous improvement and our continued investment in being a market innovator.” says James Beckwith, Customer Technology Lead at Booth's.

Elevating the customer experience

In today's fast-paced technology landscape, expectations are higher than ever. To accommodate the constant requirement to make time-critical business decisions, customers need access to real-time information and self-service tools. 

Acknowledging this shift, Booth’s set out to understand the needs of their internal team and customers. What they found formed the basis for their vision of a world-class Customer Portal experience. "We recognised that our customers needed more than just a traditional consignment tracking platform," says James. "They require a single portal that could surface data from every part of Booth's business, including Transport, Warehousing, Health and Safety, Finance and Carbon Emissions reporting. We needed a solution that not only provided full tracking and disruption alerts but also linked all our services in a user-friendly interface."

Booth's truck parked by ocean

The Right Partner

Selecting the right partner for this ambitious project was crucial for Booth's. There are various products on the market to fill the 'solution gap' Booth’s was looking to address, but it was Origin's experience and approach that aligned with their desire to stand out from the crowd. "Origin, Sandfield’s supply chain division, shares our vision for a great customer portal and brings a wealth of expertise to ensure its successful delivery. We are excited to work with an equally ambitious company like Sandfield to bring this vision to life." says Beckwith.

Origin’s Customer Portal product will serve as the foundation of Booth’s solution, enabling them to establish core functionality quickly and cost-effectively, while eliminating the need for multiple portals and siloed data. However, it’s Origin’s flexible architecture and customisation capabilities that will truly bring Booth’s unique vision to life and drive innovation beyond today's requirements. 

Through close collaboration, the interface and functionality of the product can be tailored to meet the specific needs of Booth’s diverse user base. "The goal is to create a portal that offers a seamless user experience," Beckwith explains. "It will be a visually stunning interface designed to be the gateway to all of Booth's supply chain services. The portal will facilitate seamless communication, efficient collaboration, and enhanced engagement for all stakeholders. This project underscores our commitment to leveraging technology for a more connected and user-friendly logistics experience."

Minimising risk, maximising impact

Deploying new technology requires careful consideration, not just for strategic stakeholders, but also for the end-users who will ultimately interact with it. The Booth’s team understands the importance of a seamless transition, especially when it comes to mitigating any potential impacts on customers.

Booth’s has opted for a phased implementation approach. This will not only allow them to utilise the system within a shorter time-frame, but also provide an opportunity to capture and adapt to any early feedback and insights. 

The initial phase of the Portal solution will primarily focus on addressing core competencies within their Transport and Container services, while subsequent iterations will introduce more innovative features for both internal and external stakeholders. 

With a focus on user experience, comprehensive service integration, and continuous innovation, this portal is set to provide unparalleled value to Booth's customers and internal operational teams.

“We are excited to collaborate with a forward-thinking company like Booth’s, a perfect partner that shares our commitment to challenging the status quo. Capitalising on often overlooked aspects of our industry, together, we will drive innovation.” says Mark Robilliard, Solution Specialist, Origin.