Boost CFS profitability

Real-time data capture and digital processes that increases visibility and efficiency

Meet your customer's specific requirements

No technological limitations for unique container consolidation/reconsolidation requirements

Cost-effective solution specifically built for CFS operations

Quick to implement and designed to integrate with existing systems

There's a better way to manage the unique challenges of Container Freight Station operations



Existing software solutions used to manage CFS operations are either too costly, too manual or not adaptable enough to cater for unique business processes. 

We developed our CFS module in collaboration with leading logistics providers so that it can be quickly implemented as a standalone solution and integrated with your existing systems. Origin configures the solution to provide your operations with the flexibility to handle customer-specific requirements and boost the overall profitability of your CFS business.

CFS product integrations

Integrate and automate data between existing systems and customs

Our CFS software is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, supply chain partners and customs, so you can automate processes and deliver visibility back to your business and customers.

  • Quick to deploy and customised to meet unique operational processes 
  • Designed to provide what you need right now and extend into future requirements as and when needed
  • Boost customer experience by providing real-time visibility to customers and partners

Say goodbye to paper processes and manual data entry

CFS operators are often held back by manual processes used for container packing/unpacking, customs and data entry. Our CFS software automates these processes using mobile-first applications, so you can do more with less.

  • Delight your customers by increasing processing times of their goods
  • Get real-time data accuracy from mobile first digital processes for faster updates to business and customers 
  • Improve productivity and reduce labour costs through automated processes that require less time and resources (including training)
CFS workflow diagram

Meet your customer’s unique requirements for CFS services

Origin's development team can customise and configure the system to match your specific needs so that you can meet individual customer contracts and unique business processes.

  • Improve customer experience through faster delivery of goods and visibility of shipments.
  • Win new contracts by offering CFS capability that meets customer-specific requirements
  • Accurate reporting and visibility to business users and clients

A complete digital solution that integrates with existing systems for real-time updates

  • NZ/AU Customs
  • Ministry of Primary Industries (NZ)
  • 1Stop
  • Port Connect
  • Cargowise

  • Orders and job management
  • Transport planning
  • Consolidation of goods into and out of containers
  • Receiving and delivering goods at the CFS store
  • Clearance dashboard
  • Barcode label generation & printing

Flexible, supply chain-based framework that can easily be configured to meet new customer needs and requirements.

Origin’s approach to compliance is to provide a mobile solution that makes it really easy for operators to accurately capture the information and images required to meet compliance requirements.

  • NZ/AUS - integration with customs (direct or via One-stop)
  • Produce and automatically send required customer and compliance reporting
  • Import, Export, Sea Freight, Air Freight, Dry Goods, Dangerous Goods, Chilled Goods; all of these have very different compliance and reporting requirements. Origin’s mobile-first solutions makes it easy and accurate.

Built-In contract management automatically applies and updates charge rates for all activities and flows these through to customer invoicing

  • View all inbound containers (even from other systems and partners). 
  • Plan and execute full empty container pickup and delivery activities 
  • Plan empty dehire activities or easily reuse them for export
  • Track container stocks accurately to quickly and easily see where your containers are and what needs to happen to them next

Fumigation, Inspections, Steam-Clean; whatever services you need can be easily scheduled, executed, rated and accurately billed to clients.

  • Data and images captured through the mobile app automatically generate any required reports and documentation
  • Configure which reports and documents need to be emailed to which customers and partners when.

Track how your operation is running with our centralised CFS Dashboard with meaningful and helpful KPIs and analytics.

  • Remaining free days, and demurrage risk
  • Storage start and end times for cargo and containers
  • Inbound full containers with arrival ETAs
  • Urgent export packs based on cutoff times and timeslots

Leverage the Origin platform and expertise


  • Integration with internal applications and external third parties from a dedicated integration team.
  • Capability to spin up new customer instances quickly with a dedicated development team.
  • Security framework that ensures the correct association for users permissions to update orders, jobs and events
  • Deployed as a managed service within Sandfield’s dedicated AWS Origin environment
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